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About Kall8 Toll Free Services

Twenty-two years ago, what is now Kall8 was founded as an enhanced telecom design firm specializing in custom voice and data applications such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, call recording and call record analysis. Over the years, we have grown into a global telecom carrier that continues to offer our own custom enhancements to basic carrier service.

Kall8 innovative services — from customer online control to direct response marketing analysis — were combined to form a single, integrated and comprehensive toll-free telephony service, Kall8™, in 1996. We continue to offer our long acclaimed Kallback® international long distance and Faxaway® electronic email fax services that pioneered those segments of the telecommunications industry, (and have since seen many knock-offs come and go).

The same visionaries that founded our company remain at the helm, and are as passionate as ever about developing new applications and including the latest technologies and functionality in our service offerings. We offer one of the most stable, and reliable services available, built from the ground up.

Kall8 In The News

Tools of Running a Business, at Tag-Sale Prices

by Bobby Dempsey The New York Times

"When Tricia Ballad of Bloomington, Ill., started her Web hosting business, Hosting SPOC, in April, she had lots of motivation but little cash. Fortunately, she also had great research skills, so she discovered a wealth of free and low-cost services available to business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals. Ms. Ballad was able to get a toll-free business line for $2 a month through a service called Kall8..."

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Kall8 Toll-Free Service Heats Up Competition

"Kall8, the online hosted toll-free provider of choice for more than five years running, has just announced the introduction of its Virtual Calling Card service. With Virtual Calling Card, users can now make outbound calls on their toll-free numbers from any phone. Particularly useful is Kall8’s integration of..."

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Kall8 Provides Marketers Powerful Tools

"The marketing team of Kall8, a locally based toll-free service provider, will be at the Direct Marketing Association Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 15-19. The team will explain how Kall8 service can help marketers uncover..."

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Kall8 Enhances Contact Center Operations

"The marketing team of Kall8, a locally based toll-free service provider, will be at the ICCM Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Sept. 25-28, to explain how Kall8 service can help contact centers..."

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Kall8 Number as Disaster Hotline for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees

"The owner of a small Internet service provider in northwest Louisiana found Kall8’s service to be a critical link when she created a message board on her Web site for Hurricane Katrina evacuees..."

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New Features Give Kall8 Customers More Control

"Kall8 customers can now set up answer lines using the hosted telephone service because of a recently added feature..."

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Marketing to Out-of-State Customers Can Be Easier

"Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for wineries to sell directly to out-of-state customers, the hosted telephone service Kall8 offers an invaluable tool wineries can use to directly market wines more easily to customers across state lines..."

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Quick Fix: Getting An 800 Number

by Ian Mount Contributing writer to The Wall Street Journal

"The Problem: Your child rarely calls home. The Solution: Consider an 800 number for the family. These services have been around for years, but often with exorbitant per-minute charges. Now prices are dropping..."

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Kall8 Allows Businesses to Market More Intelligently

"Kall8, a hosted telephone service, offers businesses a powerful tool to determine the return on investment of their advertisements and profitability from..."

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Kall8 Hires New Spokesperson, "Kollin™"

"Kall8, the pioneer online company that re-invented Web-hosted telephone services four years ago with its revolutionary toll-free services for the masses, recently announced the selection of Kollin™, a green giant octopus, as its new spokesperson." "Kollin was hands-down the candidate of choice..."

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Wineries Can be Well-Prepared to Market Interstate with Kall8

"In anticipation of a victory for wineries in the U.S. Supreme Court case involving interstate wine sales, the hosted telephone service Kall8 offers an invaluable..."

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Kall8 receives "Top Home-Based Business"

Home Business Magazine

"Kall8, leading global provider of enhanced toll-free 800 services wins 'Top Home Based Business' honor in Home Business Magazine..."

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Kall8 Enhances Toll-free 800 Service with Call Recording Capabilities

"Kall8, a leading global provider of enhanced toll-free 800 services at affordable prices, has introduced call recording and reviewing capabilities for its toll-free service offerings. The company has also..."

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"I was referred to your site and in less than 5 minutes I had my 800 number. I had previously talked to a Bellsouth operator for over an hour and still did not have an 800 number or a calling plan I could live with. Each time I spoke with the Bellsouth operator the ‘plan’ changed in some way. I will be with Kall8 a long time."
Steve Gelvin Winch Out, Tunica, MS