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All Kall8 Numbers include the set of features listed below at no additional charge. To view other features available through Kall8, click on Enhanced Services.

Voice Mail & FaxYour Kall8 Mailbox is designed to receive both Voice Mail and Fax Messages. Set it to receive both Voice Mail and Faxes, or limit it to accept only Faxes or only Voice Mail. Kall8 also allows you to record a personalized voice mail greeting, specify how many seconds before voice mail answers the call, and set the maximum length of your callers’ messages.

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Virtual Calling CardMake calls using your Kall8 number as a Virtual Calling Card. Just dial any one of the Voice Mail access numbers and make outbound calls before, during or after checking your voice messages. You even have the option of using your Kall8 number as your caller ID. Calls within the contiguous 48 States, Canada and close to 20 other countries around the world are only 6.9¢ per minute.

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Conference CallingConduct conferences with up to 25 participants any time you want for as long as you like. The regular per-minute charges apply for each conference participant that dialed your toll free number.

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Call BlockingCustomize the area from which you want to receive calls. You can block or allow calls based on the state, area code, area code + prefix, or even a specific phone number. Calls from blocked areas/numbers can be sent to a busy signal, continuous ringing, an error message, or directly to voice mail.

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Custom Call ForwardingSet a schedule to automatically forward your calls to different numbers based on one or all of the following: time, day, area code, specific number or the state from which the call originated.

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Call Notification EmailsReceive an instant email notification every time your 800 number is called. Each notification includes the Caller ID of the calling party, the number to which the call was sent, time of day, and the length of the call.
Maximum Call LengthSet the Maximum allowed time that an answered call can stay connected. Calls will be automatically disconnected when the specified time length is reached. If you have Voice Mail enabled, you can also set the maximum duration of your callers’ Voice Mail messages.
Caller IDChoose whether to display the Caller’s number or your Kall8 number as the Caller ID on incoming calls. For example, if you have multiple toll free numbers set to ring the same phone, displaying the Kall8 number as the Caller ID will allow you to identify which toll free number was dialed and answer the call appropriately.
Online ManagementKall8’s online account management is included free with service and includes a variety of tools to help you track your calls such as call detail and campaign analysis reports.

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"Kall8 is the bomb! This toll-free service is so cool, professional, and dirt cheap that Jen Thomas Corporation became an agent so that our clients can expand their business and organizations to reach the nation — toll-free."
Jennifer J. Thomas, President & CEO Jen Thomas Corporation www.jenthomas.com