Account Management

Account Management

Complete control at your fingertips! Kall8’s secure online management is included free with toll free service. Once logged into your account, you will be able to change your ring-to number, view your call detail reports, set up/add features, update your payment information, plus much more – all with the click of a mouse!

Managing Your Numbers

Setup/Add FeaturesAdd, remove, or change features online.
Update your ring-to numberChange your ring-to number instantly using the Kall8 online web interface or use the Custom Call Forwarding feature to have your ring-to number changed automatically depending on time of day.
Manage Locations (Address Book)Enter your most common locations into your Address Book and they will appear in a drop down box the next time you go to change your ring-to number. This is helpful for those who change their ring-to number frequently.

Online Tools

Call Detail ReportsGenerate reports dynamically by date, length of call, or calls to or from a specific number. Use Call Detail to build customer databases, monitor advertising campaigns, or make follow-up calls.
Call Detail – Real TimeGet up to the minute information on who’s calling! Real Time Call Detail is stored for three days and provides the name and phone numbers of all callers, even if the line is busy, unanswered, or the call is blocked.
Campaign AnalysisAssign a different Campaign Name and 800 number to each of your advertising campaigns and analyze the results. See calls in total volume and percentage per campaign; track call durations by campaign and average call length; input advertising costs and see your return-on-investment (ROI) expressed in cost per call. More Info
Address LookupActivate Address Lookup and your callers’ addresses will be displayed in your Call Detail Report online. You can also look up individual addresses while viewing your call detail without enabling the feature.
Listen to Voice MailActivate Voice Mail/Faxing and listen to your voice mail messages and view your faxes online.

Managing Your Account

Manage Account UsageKeep track of your Kall8 usage online. This is a great tool for budgeting purposes.
Update Payment InformationUpdate your credit card online.
Payment HistoryView your payment history online. You can see all your invoice amounts and corresponding payments on the same page.
View StatementsView your statements for the last six months online.
Limited Account LoginsSet up a Limited Login that will allow the user to have online access only to their specific toll free number. This type of login gives the user access to all aspects of that particular number except the ability to view any billing or account management information. This is especially useful for corporate accounts with multiple users or resellers who wish to give their customers access only to their specific information.
Location Account LoginsSet up multiple users on a single toll free number using Custom Call Forwarding, then, using Location Logins, give each user the ability to track their calls without being able to see the calls of the other users. Location Logins are based on the ring-to number rather than on the Kall8 number itself. The users will be able to see the Call Detail and Campaign Analysis for calls that ring to their number only.
Cell/PDA UsersManage your Kall8 account online from your cell phone or PDA. The Cell/PDA Users link offers a scaled down version of the Kall8 website so it is compatible with this equipment.

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"Kall8 is the bomb! This toll-free service is so cool, professional, and dirt cheap that Jen Thomas Corporation became an agent so that our clients can expand their business and organizations to reach the nation — toll-free."
Jennifer J. Thomas, President & CEO Jen Thomas Corporation